Mayespark Primary School

Mayespark Primary School

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Values Newsletters  




The school community has decided on the following core values:

                  respect    love    honesty    happiness   tolerance

           unity   determination   humility  courage   politeness   justice

Each month a different value will be focused on and further information will

be given out in the newsletters below.   See what the children have been doing here



Determination - January             Evaluation of Determination

Love - February                             Evaluation of Love

Courage - March                          Evaluation of Courage

Honesty - April                              Evaluation of Honesty

Politeness - May                           Evaluation of Politeness

Humility - June                              Evaluation of Humility

Unity - July                                   

Justice - September                    Evaluation of Justice

Tolerance - October                     Evaluation of Tolerance

Respect - November                    Evaluation of Respect

Happiness - December                Evaluation of Happiness