Mayespark Primary School

Mayespark Primary School

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Your child’s Progress and Development

From a parent:

"Mayespark has been such a supportive place for both our children, allowing them to grow up beautifully and to thrive.  Our son is so excited about learning to read and the friends he made in school!

 I was genuinely amazed by the quality of the work he was helped to produce at a very young age. When he joined Mayespark mid-year in Reception he couldn’t speak a word in English, and less than a year later he was able to write beautiful texts. This was due to the hard work of his class teachers, and also I think to the leadership team who created a culture of learning and respect at Mayespark.

We are very grateful for all the support that our children have received over the years, thank you!"


Parents and Teachers

The relationship between school and parents is extremely important, as education needs to be a partnership to be successful. Parents are very welcome to visit the school to see what is going on and to discuss their child’s progress. Teachers are available for a quick chat after school every day but if you have any concerns please make an appointment to see the class teacher.

There are formal opportunities throughout the year for parents to meet with their child’s class teacher.

Open Evenings

In the Autumn Term parents are invited to meet the new class teacher at an individual introductory evening meeting early in the term.  In the Spring Term, parents are invited to a formal evening with appointments for an interview with the class teacher. In the Summer Term, an open evening is held where parents are invited to come to the class with their child to share their work and celebrate their achievements.



Reports are issued  twice a year at Mayespark; mid-year and also at the end of the year. These will inform you of your child’s  attainment and progress across the curriculum.  You are also invited to come in and discuss the final report with your child's class teacher at the open evening in the Summer Term.


Standard Assessment Tasks (SATs)

All of our children are assessed by their teachers throughout the school year to ensure that they are making progress. However, all schools are required to undertake some national assessments.

Children in Y1 complete a national phonics-screening check with their teacher in the summer term. Some children will take this again in Y2.

Government standard assessments(SATs) are undertaken by children at the end of Y2 and Y6.  Currently, in Y6 these take the form of a formal test in reading, maths and spelling, grammar and punctuation (SPAG). The outcomes that your child has achieved at the end of Y2 and Y6 will be reported to you at the end of the summer term.

A summary of the school’s results are included on this website.