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Art Therapy

Art Therapy at Mayespark Primary School

We value the emotional needs of our children and young people and offer art therapy to children in all year groups. The Art Therapist is experienced in helping young people manage and process the challenges that arise during their time at school. The Art Therapist helps children to understand their feelings better and find positive ways to express them. The Art Therapist and school staff are able to work together to find the best ways to support each child.

Art therapy can help children deal with a range of emotions including anxiety and anger as well as other feelings which interrupt their learning and disrupt relationships. By working through complex feelings with the art therapist children can gain insight into issues which trouble them. This can help children resolve concerns, develop their understanding and manage their feelings. This will reduce stress, improve self-esteem and help children feel better.


Our Art Therapist is part of the staff team and works in school three days a week. The Art Therapist supports children in their emotional and needs. Art therapy uses activities like art and play in addition to verbal communication to explore difficult issues. Please contact the SENCO for further information.