Mayespark Primary School

Mayespark Primary School

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School Council                      


Our School Council is an integral part of life at Mayespark and they play an important part in school improvement.

Annually elections are held. Three children are nominated per class to stand for each position. They canvass for votes through designing their own posters and leaflets and deliver a speech  in assembly to their constituency. Voting takes place using ballot boxes and booths borrowed from Redbridge Council.

Once the 16 members of the School Council are in place, fortnightly meetings commence. Officers are appointed for the roles of Chair and Secretary and children are able to add items to the agenda so that a range of discussions can take place.

                                                                   2019 Members:









Throughout the year the children meet with Mrs Lamb which enables them to communicate and pitch new ideas of ways to improve the school. In previous years the School Council have initiated an additional water fountain on the playing field, mirrors in the Year 5&6 toilets, new playground equipment, more bins in the playground, improved school lunches, redecorated toilets and lots more! School Council meetings are followed up by Class Council meetings where representatives are able to establish the views and opinions of their peers through leading debates alongside their class teacher.