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Video Conferencing

Mayespark has now joined the Redbridge Video Conference Group.  Video Conferencing opens up a world of opportunities for our children to communicate with other schools and experts around the world.

What is a video conference?

A video conference allows two or more locations to communicate by simultaneous two-way video and audio transmissions.  Using a direct link means that we can see and talk to people anywhere in the world in "real time"  using the computer or whiteboard screen to have a conversation as if we were in the same room (similar to Skype, but a more secure way of communicating).

The Redbridge Video Conference group  consists of Primary and Secondary Redbridge schools and the aim is to work co-operatively to promote the use of Video Conferencing in our schools.   The group is led by Mina Patel, who is a member of the UK Videoconferencing  Partnerships Group.  More information about video conferencing can be found on Mina’s Learning blog:-

Video conferencing at Mayespark will be closely supervised and carried out using specialist video conference equipment.  Connections are made through a secure link via JANET Videoconferencing Services. To find out more about JANET click on the link below. 

Video Conferencing at Mayespark 2016-2017

Manhattan School of Music - the choir joined the Manhattan School of Music to sing Christmas Carols.

Meet an app expert - Yr 6  linked up with professional app designers too get some advice for their own apps.

Chris Lubbe - Yr 5 joined  Chris Lubbe to talk about black history and current affairs. Always an inspirational video     conference.

School Council meet Keith Prince - The council linked up with other schools to discuss transport issues.



Video Conferencing at Mayespark 2015-2016

Video Conferences definitely enrich our children’s learning experiences. This year we have taken part in the following amazing video conferences:

Exploring fossils from over 11,000 years ago - July.  We joined James MacDiarmid in a pit cave in northern Wyoming, USA, where he explained what fossils had been found from the Ice Age.

Heather Fell, Modern Pentathlete, who won silver at the 2008 Olympics - July. Year 6 talked with Heather about her experiences and what it takes to become an Olympic champion!

Mammal of the skies - the grey headed flying fox - June. James MacDiarmid linked up from Australia to give Year 5 an insight into this interesting mammal, as part of their science topic.

The Orang Utan Protection Foundation - May. 'Where will you find the wild things?' is the Year 1 topic in the summer term. Class 1B joined the staff at the Orang Utan Protection Foundation in the jungle in Borneo, to find out about orang utans.

National Archives – Great Fire of London – March. Our Year 2 Spring Term topic was the Great Fire of London. This was the first time we had VC’d with the National Archives and we were really pleased with the content. A great role play and interactive experience for the children.

Dan Freedman 9th March.  A chance for Year 5 to meet the author. Another great experience for the children to ask questions of an author.

Manhattan School of Music – 7th December.  The choir thoroughly enjoyed their opportunity to sing Christmas carols with the Manhattan School of Music.

School Council – Meet Roger Evans, London Assembly – 11th November.  Our school councillors met Roger Evans. A great opportunity for the school councillors to present their ideas. We are hoping to follow this up with a visit to City Hall.

Chris Lubbe 21st October –Black History Month. Chris has visited our school in the past so we were excited to see him again. All the children have been inspired by him and his story. We took the opportunity to sing to him – ‘Something inside so strong’. Little did we know that this was a song that inspired him during the apartheid struggles in South Africa. A very moving