Mayespark Primary School

Mayespark Primary School

Dream, Explore, Discover

Educational visit letters

EYFS   - Clacton on sea

Year 1 - Panto 1A   1C   1T    1V       Florence Nightingale Workshop   London visit    Barking Park

Year 2 - Tower of London 2A 2LA   2B 2C            Seven Kings Methodist Church

Year 3 - Hindu Temple     

Year 4 - Natural History Museum 4K 4H     4N 4R          Roman Theme Day 23.11.18         Egyptian Day   

Year 5 - Science Museum      PGL Marchants Hill       Greenwich Royal Observatory  5H    5R     5I    5V

Year 6 - Goodmayes Park      Southend 19.7.19

Mixed year groups


Y5 Residential to PGL 4th March 2020