Mayespark Primary School

Mayespark Primary School

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Parent feedback

Mayespark School have been an amazing school for my son.  He has matured and developed so much in this supportive environment.  Any problems your child may have, all school staff are always willing to help.  We need more schools like Mayespark!- Parent of Adil Tahir



 I am really proud and happy that Anisah is a part of Mayespark Primary School.  The amount of help and support she gets is amazing.  The Teachers are fantastic, the students in the school understanding and helpful towards her.

She loves Life Skills.  Anisah can be herself and be accepted.  Anisah has come a long way with everyone’s support and she loves coming to school!
When I leave Anisah at school, I have no worries because I know she is in a safe place and happy. 

Thank you – Ms Nafisah Liaqat




My name is Lewis.  I enjoy going to Mayespark School because it is fun and awesome!  My teachers help me to develop my Maths and English.  They teach me a lot of things, and they allow me to be creative and express myself.  I sometimes need help and they always help me with my work when I am stuck.  The teachers have helped me to come a long way in my education so I would like to say a BIG thank you to everyone – Family of Lewis.




Thank you for all your support over the years.  You have made a huge difference to Rayan’s development and we are extremely grateful -  Parents of Rayan, 2LA.






Great school and staff, very supportive.  Many Thanks for all your help.   All the best from Kareena’s Mum and Dad– Parents of Kareena.




Mayespark and all the staff have been brilliant with supporting T’ejah with her special needs.  She has learnt so many new skills at her Life Skills class and she looks forward to Life Skills every week - Parents of T’ejah.