Mayespark Primary School

Mayespark Primary School

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Home-School Agreement

Agreement for pupils:

To help me do well at school, I will do my best to:

  • Try hard with all my school work;
  • Talk at home about what I do at school;
  • Ask my teacher, or someone at home, if I am having problems with my work or I am finding it too easy;
  • Read to someone at home every evening;
  • Do any homework set;
  • Go to school on time every day unless I am ill;
  • Wear my uniform every day;
  • Keep to the school rules and be polite and respectful to other children and grown-ups

Agreement for parents / carers:

  • Make sure that my child attends school regularly, arrives on time and is collected on time;
  • Encourage my child to work hard, do all his / her homework and listen to him / her read;
  • Ensure that my child wears the school uniform;
  • Contact my child’s teacher about all concerns that may affect his or her work or behaviour;
  • Contact the school as soon as possible, by phone (and in writing on return), if my child is absent;
  • Support the school behaviour policy;
  • Attend meetings with teachers to discuss the progress of our child;
  • Reply to any school correspondence;
  • Keep the school up-to-date with any changes in address or emergency phone numbers.
  • Make any payments due, promptly.

Agreement for school:

  • Make sure your child works hard and is encouraged to do his or her best;
  • Offer a broad and balanced curriculum that meets the needs of your child;
  • Make sure that all children and their families are treated with respect and sensitivity;
  • Contact you as soon as possible if we are concerned about your child’s work, behaviour or well being;
  • Get back to you as soon as possible if you write to us or phone us;
  • Welcome parents / carers into the life of the school and keep you informed about general school matters;
  • Let you know how your child is doing by holding parents evenings every term and sending you a thorough and honest annual written report;
  • Set your child regular homework, including reading;
  • Provide a range of activities, including educational visits, designed to enrich your child’s school experience

It is the duty of school staff to report any concerns to the school’s ‘Nominated Safeguarding Officer’


  • Be kind and respect others:
  • Do not swear or call people names;
  • Do not make fun of other children or their families;
  • Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself
  • Don’t take anything that doesn’t belong to you
  • Follow instructions given by all school staff;
  • Look after your school and everything in it;
  • Always work hard and try your best;
  • Do not stop other children from working;
  • Speak when it’s your turn, listen when it’s not;
  • Walk around school quietly and sensibly;
  • Leave sweets, chewing gum, jewellery, phones and toys at home.


Click here to download a printable copy of the Mayespark home-school agreement.