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Sports Premium

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 Primary Sport Premium      2015-2016 Impact Report

 Summary of the year 

1. Professional Learning (physical education)

The structure and elements of a good PE lesson were shared to teaching staff in a professional development meeting. Teachers are aware of what they need to include in their PE lessons and the structure they need to follow. This is now evident in PE observations and learning walks that the subject leader has carried out on classes in reception, year 1, year 2, year 4 and year 5.

INSET provided for TAs on playground games. Shared good practice and gave examples of how to encourage/ initiate games, physical activity during play/lunch times. 

2. Competition (sport)

The school entered into four sporting competitions in the Redbridge mini-games. Mayespark football team also took part in friendly football matches against other schools in Redbridge. Table tennis competitions were also organised in December including year 6 boys vs staff.

Mayespark achieved a bronze award in the school games mark application.


3. Health and wellbeing (physical activity)

‘Kidzfit’ workshops were organised for all year groups which developed knowledge and understanding of healthy eating, fitness, sports and the Olympic games.

Unique sporting opportunities were organised for year 1, 2, 3 and 4 to encourage them to try different sports.

‘Fitness Fun on Fridays’ was launched; children were encouraged to run and families could join in, before school every Friday morning for 15minutes. 

4. PE specialism (coaches and teachers in your school)

PE specialist employed to provide quality PE lessons for all children. 


  • Qualified sports coaches…………………………………… ……£6,480
  • Unique sporting opportunities………………………………...£1,500
  • Transport to competitions…………………………    ……………£200
  • Kidzfit workshops…………………………………….………      ……£700
  • Sports equipment including table tennis tables……….£2,500


Quantitative impact 

  • All class teachers received CPD on games and gymnastics from specialist Premier sport coaches (27 teachers).
  • All children in the school received quality PE lessons from PE specialist (850 children)
  • Children participated in traditional sports as well as unique sporting opportunities of dance, archery and fencing.

Qualitative impact

A staff questionnaire was taken to ensure that there was an increase in teachers’ confidence when teaching PE.

Pupil voice was also carried out to find out how the children benefited from the coaching, competitions and unique sporting opportunities.


Quotes from pupils

Year 1- “I never did archery before but I was really good at hitting the target and I really want to do it again.” MA  

Year 2- “I enjoyed all the games that we played during PE with Miss and the coach. It made me run around a lot and made me healthier.” MC  

Year 3- “One of the best things that has happened this year is Fitness Fun on Fridays! I love running on the field and sometimes my mum runs with me too. I liked when I could race against my friends and even Miss Bali raced too.” MH  

Year 4- “I really enjoyed the Olympic workshops with Karl. We got to do speed skipping, balancing, hula hooping and jumping over high mats. This was a really good way to keep fit and was very exciting as we have never done this before.  Karl talked about the Olympics and showed us pictures of the different athletes and showed us the different sports they did in the Olympics.” KC  

Year 5- “This year I really enjoyed taking part in the Redbridge Mini Games. I was in the squash team and we won 4 games. I was able to practise at lunch time clubs with Mr Lawless. I have also improved my table tennis skills because we have table tennis tables in the playground which I have been using to improve my skills.” AA  

Year 6- “The best sporting opportunities I had this year was playing football matches against different schools. We won against South Park Primary School and we made it to the quarter finals in the Redbridge Mini Games. It was a really good experience.” HR

3 x case studies  

SQ reception teacher-

I found it really helpful to have a chance to observe a skilled PE teacher deliver a lesson. It helped me to better understand the structure of a PE lesson, how to set out effective LI and SC and how to extend the children who are doing well. It's much more memorable and powerful to have a chance to see this all in action compared to reading the theory of it.  

RJ year 1 teacher-

My experience of teaching PE was limited so I found the CPD for games and gymnastics very useful. From the CPD, I was able to get lots of ideas for fun and engaging warm ups. I was also able to understand the idea behind the skills based learning, rather than just teaching games. After the CPD, I thought really carefully about what skills the children needed to learn in my PE lessons and then how it could be applied in a game.  

SA year 3 teacher-

I found the coaching very beneficial in developing my subject knowledge, especially in gymnastics. Previously, I had never taught gymnastics lessons and so was not confident in terms of the progression and the different skills required. After working alongside another teacher, I was able to see the progression of lessons from warm ups, to different types of rolls and observe different ways that apparatus could be used. I became much more confident in using a range of apparatus in gymnastics lessons after the coaching sessions.    


Teachers are upskilled and confident in following the structure of a good PE lesson and teaching a skills based curriculum. Therefore the provision is better. Children have experienced a wider range of sports to explore further. The school is continuing to enter an increased number of competitions and has achieved a bronze school games mark as a result of this. This will develop next year as we aim for silver. Further ‘unique’ sports are being explored to engage and enthuse a wider group of children into keeping active and developing competitiveness during lunch time and after school clubs.